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Hello👋🏼 ,I'm Christina!

Product Designer ✍🏼

Experienced with all aspects of the UX design process. 🙌🏼

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, USA ❄️

Thanks for stopping by!

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My Story 📖 

A lot of who I am today as a  Product Designer involves my parents growing up.

I would not be who I am without their patience and guidance. 

As a kid, I've always had a curiosity about people and why they behaved the way they did.

I remember asking my mom for the millionth time, "But why?" in response to her answer of my previous "why" question to which she said out of exasperation, "I don't know, Christina!! Stop asking me these questions." (I have much to thank my mother for, including bearing with all my questions!)

A lot of critical thinking and problem-solving skills came from my dad's persistence and teaching.

One day, he sat me down at the dining table with a blank sheet of paper and a pencil and said, "Christina, I want you to think about any problem in the world. Think about how you would fix it and draw it out." I remember seeing my parents hanging their garden tools on these metal hooks; however, they would fall off the wall if you weren't careful about how you took the tools off the hook. I drew something on the paper hoping that this exercise would end soon so I could go and play outside. But, to my disappointment, he pointed out that my first design wouldn't work. It wouldn't even be able to hang on the wall! (In other words, it was worse than the original product.) Resigned to the fact that I would not be let off the hook (pun not intended) that easily, I thought about it some more and started redesigning. I ended up drawing 7-8 iterations of the hook covering the whole piece of paper until I finally came up with a design that allowed the hook to hang on the wall easily without falling off. I came away from that experience amazed that I could design something that would be able to improve someone's experience of an everyday thing that they used. Little did I know that someday I would be doing this as my job! 


Currently, I research and design the user experience of mobile and web applications.

I inform clients and development team of our findings and what actions needed to be taken regarding the product. I am the UX Researcher and Designer for a C2C trading app. I was also a UX Team Lead with a tele-health pharmacy startup called ImpactPharm and mentored three interns. I have a background in psychology and seriously considered becoming a Marriage Family Therapist in Asia; however, I decided to go into the UX field instead. However, I still hope to live in Asia one day, perhaps continuing to work in the UX field there. 

In my free time, I mentor international students, enjoy the outdoors, love to sing randomly and like eating healthy food (it's strange, I know).

I'm currently available for full-time UX Researcher and/or UX Designer opportunities!

You can view my resume here, at the top right corner or bottom center of the page. There's a lot of options.

Feel free to reach out and connect below!

Let's Connect! 

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