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E-Commerce App*

**This project is under an NDA so some images and/or text will be hidden**
A simple and intuitive online marketplace to easily satisfy customer needs
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The goal was to design a payment app that allowed for quick payment and social connection in an organic way.


Duration: 4 months


Tools: Figma, FigJam, Balsamiq, Bravo Studio

Role: Designer

A client reached out about a unique business endeavor he was considering and asked if I could design an e-commerce marketplace app for him. I agreed and helped direct the product strategy and research and design process from concept to high-fidelity prototype.  This app allowed customers to directly give and receive goods.

I gained valuable experience owning the design process, thinking critically about applying research and design techniques, and collaborating with other design partners and stakeholders. 

My Process

UX Research_edited.png

User Research


Design & Testing



Product Strategy

A Growth Opportunity
I had the task of of giving my client a product strategy and timeline of what needed to be done and why.  It was the first time in my design career where I was given free reign to design my own product flow. I knew I also needed to rely on my previous background of project management and adopt Agile methods to this task.
Here are some questions I considered:
  • What are the end goals and expectations of the business and user?
  • What tools would be needed in (keeping in mind cost and efficiency)?
  • What practices should I adopt into my research and design process that would help create a better product?
Here are some considerations I had for  my own personal growth:
  • What areas of growth do I have that this project can challenge me in?
  • What areas am I weak in that I can learn from others?
Product Strategy
Assembling the Team and Timeline
With the permission of the client, I invited another designer to collaborate on this project together. Together we balanced our strengths and learned from each other throughout the design process. Later on, a UI designer also joined our team during the design phase. 

I created a timeline based off of Agile methods with two-week sprints and end-of-sprint retro meetings.
 I also coordinated weekly check-in meetings with the client to ensure our product goals were aligned and keep our client in the loop. 
View Phase #1 Timeline
  • Marketing Research
  • User Interviews
  • User Persona
  • Low-Fidelity Prototype
View Phase #2 Timeline
  • User Flows​
  • Style Guide/UI Components
  • High-Fidelity Prototype
  • Development
More to come soon! 
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