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Virtual Access to Your Pharmacists and Providers
A tele-health pharmacy app that connects patients to pharmacists and providers easily

The goal was to design a payment app that allowed for quick payment and social connection in an organic way.


Problem: Patients' often have to wait long lines at the pharmacy to get their prescription filled or ask questions about their medication. Patients' with more complex health issues who take multiple medication also experience confusion between which medication to take when and if the combination of medications will impact their health at all. 


Role of ImpactPharm: ImpactPharm was created to reduce the wait time by providing easy virtual access to schedule an appointment with a pharmacist but also allow a pharmacist and provider to talk together with the patient in advising them about how to manage their health and medication. It also allows them to have a central location where they can keep track of all their medication.

My role: UX Team Lead & UX Researcher

I led a team of three UX interns to train and conduct usability tests, provide heuristic evaluation before and after the app release. 

Tools: Zoom, Figma, Asana, Slack, Google Docs


Below are various challenges we encountered:
  • Time/Resource Constraints
  • Working remotely across time zones as a team. One intern was working from Pakistan
  • Managing three interns who all had a background in software engineering of various degrees but did not have much UX Research background
  • Working with an overseas development team that spoke a different language. (Our sole translator was the founder of the company)


Despite the challenges, we were able to accomplish the following:
  • Successfully helped launch the application
  • Delivered 30+ insights after testing on how to improve the application
  • Overcame the language barrier by utilizing tools like Figma to create visual feedback for the development team
  • Interns successfully conducted a usability test with minimal guidance

More details to come!

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