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Hi, I'm Christina

UX/UI & Product Designer ✍🏼

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, USA ❄️🧀🐄  

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My Story 📝

I am a UX/UI & Product Designer currently based in Madison with a background in Psychology. Previously, I was a Project Coordinator and Exec. Admin. Assistant in the healthcare industry for 3 years. However, I discovered a love for helping people, psychology and design through UX/UI & Product Design. I switched careers and have designed mobile and web products for various clients over the past 1.5 years in the healthcare, e-commerce, art, and education industry.  I am currently looking for my next opportunity and would love to connect! Feel free to message me below!

Outside of work, I love learning and connecting with people from different backgrounds. I love that through the people I meet or read about, the more my worldview is challenged and as a result, expanded. You'll find me striking up a conversation with a stranger on the plane, talking to the janitor at an office building, or sharing with you about someone I just met or read about recently! In another life, I would have been a traveling photojournalist.


I also serve as a volunteer Christian mentor for international college students! I am dedicated to living out my faith with others the best that I can. 


I also love being active outdoors, exploring new places and food, writing poems, and singing.  

Thanks for stopping by!

Hiking Picture

Hiking trip with international students!

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